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There are as numerous attitudes on the subject material of actor resumes as there are employment seekers! Some of the more conventional belief is centered on the exercise of objectives, sketch, side view, title direction, keywords, suggestion statements, individual happiness

Your actor resume should contain information that makes out you and gives details of activities, awards and training related to acting, your actor experience and other related work experience. Our model or sample resumes for actor Assistants will help lot and also you can use action verbs for writing your actor resumes. The contact information must be updated and easy to find. Through this information people or director can contact you for audition.

Actor Resume Tips

  • Your resume should contain information that make out you and gives details of your educational background related to acting field , activities, awards and training, Your actor experience and other related work experience. Our model or sample resumes for actor Assistants will help lot and also you can use action verbs for writing your acting resumes.

  • Make It Look Professional:
    Make your resume not more than 2 page .Use a white paper and a skilled looking font such as Times Roman, Arial, or Helvetica. The font should be normal. Normally, keep the font size within 10-12 points. In the actor resume the approach should professional to your work the objectives of actors is to develop the all-rounded personality.

  • Highlight On Your Actor Experience:
    Experience in actor can be part-time or full-time, For the job you are applying use attractive title. Exclude all unnecessary information. Specify more detail about the particulars of your personal experience.How you Maintained files, Designed forms for archives,how you developed effective space management plan for on site records etc.

    • Career related experience:

      In your actor resume you should mention your career-related experience

    • Professional experience: If your professional experience is small, graph any time you have used up functioning.This is useful to contain even if you have more professional experience, as it reflect how motivated you are.

  • Remember Those Fundamental Resume- Writing Talent
    Use good quality grammar, and keep the phrases dumpy and easy. The individual reading your resume will look at it rapidly. You don't have to use complete sentences, but where it seems suitable. The information should be concise, simple and interesting. In the resume try to give all rounded information about you.

  • Make Your Resume Not More Than Two Pages
    This is the suggestion you always heed. If you would like, I consider it's satisfactory for a actor has a longer resume. However, if you prefer to do two pages it is good in up.

  • Training

    You should mention the special training related to acting, dance, or any other art such as singing etc. in the acting resume mention your degree which is related to art or acting. You also write your normal degree in your acting resume.

  • Attach photograph

    In the acting resume try to give your photo with your resume .the size of photo will be more than 8*10cm. it is given in right corner of your resume. It is easy and helps you for getting suitable rolls. The photograph gives the idea of your personality to other.

  • Stats

    In this section of acting resume you mention your height, weight, color of skin, color eye and hair also your physic.

  • Education
    In this section you should mention your all degrees in chronological order. Then also mention the name of college and the mention the name of the university. At the time you yet not receive any degree then don't mention it in the resume
    e.g. you are currently appearing for some another degree.

  • Make A List
    First you make the list amount of information you should and could include in your resume. Start by collecting your material and ideas then arrange the information in various categories. And put down all information on paper.

  • Reference
    There is no need give your reference with your resume. It is given only at the time of request.



  1. Make or affix your actor resume to the support of your headshot. You are been telling that tool shed instrument prefer you staple the actor resume using four affix, one in each one angle.
  2. If you are affix, spruce your actor resume to fit the headshot. It is not look casual.
  3. Build your resume headshot appear similar to you, conceivably a superior, more enchanting you, but tranquil you.
  4. Make the head shot which show your close up face.
  5. Make the contact information in the resume must be updated. In the resume gives your cell number; email address.
  6. Take at least four copies of your actor resume with you when you going to face the auditions.
  7. staple some photograph your pervious rolls.


  1. Do not gives fakes information about your experience.
  2. Do not gives your home phone number in the resume because you are not available all time at home.
  3. Do not forgot to mention the special skills such as dancing, singing, playing any instrument in the resume.
  4. Do not use the smaller size or fond.
  5. The photo in resume is not bigger than 8 x 10.
  6. A resume that is not more than one page or two pages only.

Sample Actor Resume

Clik the links given below to check some sample actor resume.

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