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Sample Agricultural Food Scientist Resume

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Following is sample agricultural food scientist resume.

Robert William
Royal Plaza,
49, Broadway, 9th floor,
Florida 14568.
Home: (444) 555-1234


To obtain a challenging food scientist position that will permit the use of current skills to their maximum potential while sharpen and increasing additional knowledge, capabilities and abilities.


specially brilliant Agricultural and Food Scientist with great surroundings in studying farm crops and animals, and mounting ways of humanizing their quantity and quality; give the impression of being for ways to improve crop yield with less labor, calculating pests and weeds more safely and effectively, and preserve soil and water; examining methods of changing raw agricultural supplies into attractive and healthy food products for clients.


XYZ Food Company, Topeka, KS
food scientist manager      2002-present
  • Tasted or perfume foods and beverages in categorize to ensure that flavors get together specifications, or to select samples with particular characteristics.
  • Examined substance and biological example in order to identify cell arrangements, and to locate bacteria, or extraneous substance, using microscope.
  • assorted, merged, and cultivated ingredients in order to make reagents and to produce food and beverage products.
  • verify raw constituent for development or stability for meting out, and finished products for safety, quality and nutritional value.
  • examination new foodstuffs for flavor, texture, color, nutritional content, and adherence to government and industry standards.
  • learning the arrangement and Working of food, or the changes foods undergo in storage and giving out.
ATX Corporation, Topeka, KS
Assistant Food Scientiest      1997-2001
  • examination new foodstuffs for flavor, texture, color, nutritional content, and adherence to government and industry standards.
  • Offered assistance to food scientists and technologists and progress, production technology, and quality control.
  • calculated moisture or salt content, proportions of ingredients, formulas, or other product factors, using mathematical and chemical procedures.
  • several organizations also arranged pet food. managed developed, manufacture and shipment of Pet Food. Cleanliness in Pet Food area was maintained just as good as edible areas.


Bachelors Degree, Agriculture Science - University of Topeka


Playing Chess, fishing and swimming.


Provided upon request.

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