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Following is sample business analyst Resume.

Robert William
Royal Plaza,
49, Broadway, 9th floor,
Florida 14568.
Home: (444) 555-1234


To obtain a challenging business analyst position that will permit the use of current skills to their maximum potential while sharpen and increasing additional knowledge, capabilities and abilities.


ABC Industry Boston, M.A.
Business Analyst       2002-till date
  • produced quantitative and statistical business models by using Microsoft Excels data analysis program, solver task, statistical and economic functions.
  • designed and analyzed business projects.
  • These models contain resources, customer buying occurrence, and preparation.
  • Also used business application software.
  • These models include management, produce information, forecasting, completed and scheduled work day actions, lead management and many more.
XYZ Industry Boston, M.A. Systems Database Analyst Consultant       1998-2001
  • representation were program using MS Excel VB for Applications and are connected to databases using ODBC database drivers and SQL.
  • Produce management assessment support reports and information that obtain the coded information from Goldmine to help straight and quantify sales and advertising efforts.
  • The database function reports and information are programmed with MS Excel Visual Basic .Net and are associated to the server using ADO.Net or MS-SQL to extract mutual information in real time.
  • executed and customized SQL Server CRM and QuickBooks Pro on a Windows-NT Server.
  • Coding corporate business procedure in organize to create real time modified management decision support business models.


MBA; Master of Business Administration University of California
Certification course in RDBMS

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