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To apply to any job/profession, the applicant needs to write a resume. These are some tips on writing a concrete resume, influential model resume that will help the applicant get the position they have been dreaming of.

Model Resume Tips

To market your pictures and resume are the vital tools of the trade in the field of modeling.

The following sample model resume, the basic formats and ethics of resume writing. Consider how each job seeker presents models experience and skills. Along with the content, look at how you have presented your resume. Draw the most excellent from each to help decide how to approach your resume.

Ultimately, your resume will be distinctive to you and won't look exactly similar to any of these presented.

For beginner, you can submit for fashion shows, mall photographs, runway shows, photographer's models and projects to build knowledge, experience and your resume.

You have to start in great way. Our site will give you the great opportunities. There are modeling opportunities offered for all sizes and shapes. Tall and full-size models.

For the experienced persons they can customize for their level of experience

In your resume make sure you list the roles you have played in movies, TV or plays, your have done any training and all the special skills.

Mention awards and Honours are critical information and should be acknowledged. Training and education related formal and informal should be detailed along with your membership of professional association.

Your resume and photos are essential things of the deal in the field of modeling.

When you submit your photograph to a agency, client or company, it is helpful to present your resume at the same time. Here are suggestions of what it should include:

Note: While writing focus on what type of job you will be appropriate for you and then write it at the top of a piece of paper

  1. Add special skills or write things down just so you fill in the special skill area as a highlighted.
  2. Do not make a resume more than one page lengthy resume.
  3. Your resume should be well readable by others, so take care of the appropriate font and size.
  4. If possible include a Heading that is better or more glamorous you, but still you.
  5. The contact information should be up-to-date.
  6. Create an email address just for your model resume.
  7. Not but the least your education and training to add wightage to your resume.

Model Resume Format

Following is a sample model resume format...

Your Name:
Address and phone: (Or You can give managers Details)



Height, weight
Bust, waist, hips, neck measurements
Coat size
Hair and eye color
Shoe size


Training: (Professional Modeling Training): Education, Courses you have taken in modeling, acting, dancing, etc.


Fashion shows:
Photo sessions:
Acting experience:
Motion pictures:
Commercial Photography

Special talents/ Specials Skills:

REFERENCES: State "Available upon request" and list names and address of several business, academic or character references

Sample Model Resume

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