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Robert William
Royal Plaza,
49, Broadway, 9th floor,
Florida 14568.
Home: (444) 555-1234


An experienced professional with expertise in the design and development of multi user database management systems running on a local area network. Skilled in LAN management and user training

Jefferson Manufacturing Corp., Albuquerque, Nm
1988- present
Documentation Development Coordinator

Analyze, develop and maintain application software for Engineering LAN. Provide training and user support for all applications to LAN users. Maintain departmental PC workstation including software installation and upgrades.

  • Reduce data entry errors and data process time by developing a program, which allowed a program managers to submit model number information.
  • Replace time consuming daily review board meeting by developing a program, which allowed a engineers to review and approve model and component changes online.

Computer Systems Analyst
Responsibilities included database management systemsanalyes and design, workstation maintenance and repair and LAN management.

  • Reduced process time and purchasing errors by developing an online program, which allowed the purchasing department to track the status of all purchasing invoices.
  • Developed a purchase order entry program for the purchasing department, which improved the data entry speed and reduced the number of data entry errors.

LAFAYETTE, INC., Albuquerque, NM
Engineering Technician III

Prototyped and new testing PC products drawing schemantic and expediting parts for these new PC products Designed and coded multi user database management software for engineering use.


Associates Electronics Engineering Technology, University of Notre Dame 1979 Containing education training course include advanced digital Electronics C- languages hands on Workshop, Visual Basics programming and Strutted analysis and Design methods.


IBM PC Compatibles, Tape Backup systems, Local Area Networks, MS-DOS,Clipper, C language, VISUAL BASICS and SQL Language.

Purdue University
West Lafayette, IN

  • Master of the Science in Electrical Engineering, May 1987.
  • Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering, Januray1986.


Design Tools:
LSI Logic, Synopsys, Verilog, Ikos, Mentor, ABEL, RTL. Programming Languages: Assembler (PDP11, 8086,68000,881000), Basic, c, c++, FORTRAIN, FP, Lisp, PASCAL, Path PASCAL, PL/1,TUTOR.

Operating system and software Environments:
UNIX, AOS/VS, Domain, NOS, PLATO, X-windows,OSF/Motif.

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