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While designing your resume, you'll want to spend some time deciding on the format that presents your background most positively. Chronological resumes, most frequently used in the past, are the most traditional type of resume format. They are the sorts of resume frequently used for more traditional firms, and they are required for government positions.

A chronological resume lists recent work experience, education, skills and other sections as needed. With each of these key sections, entries are listed in reverse chronological resume format and highlight job titles, dates, and places employed starting with the most recent. That's because, hiring managers prefer that employment data is provided in reverse order. It reflects career growth and is easy to follow. It's easy to see professional progression from an entry-level position to a higher status. It's also easy to detect gaps in dates of employment. These gaps guide some candidates to use the functional resume format instead of chronological format.

In short, chronological resumes arrange work experience chronologically starts with the most recent job to the least recent job.

Use to when:

Past experience is directly related to upcoming goals or job. Earlier job titles or names of past employers are remarkable Applying to more conservative or established employers (e.g. in engg, sciences etc.)

You can download chronological resume template and modify it according to your individual use.

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