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Difference Between Resume And Curriculum Vitae

A resume is a complete synopsis of an individual's professional experiences such as education, experimental experience and project history. In the resume also include awards and reward which you got in past. A resume mainly used to get job or employment. It is a tool to make a first impression on the employer for a follow up interview. The Resumes, which play an importance, roll to make link between candidate and employer. A resume is limited up to one page only.

A curriculum vitae (CV) is also look like a resume. It also contains the similar information as a resume contains but the purposes of both are different. The purpose of resume to get job and the purpose of CV is to getting entry in research field. The CV is not limited to one page as a resume but it has no limit of length. The CV may be written on number of pages. Generally a curriculum vitae is used for applying in academic, educational fellowship career.

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