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What is an Electronic Resume?
Today's age is called as "computer age". Computer and Internet are integral part of today's life. So to get job electronic resume can help you. Make an electronic description of your resume is typical task. This is because you have to give all your educational and career related information in less word but suitable for reader. The electronic resume is suitable a significant aspect in finding look for the job. The electronic resume can be prepared with the help of computer or rather for computer. A traditional resume is prepared on paper. The electronic resume is generally a printed resume that is projected to be scanned and 'understand' by a computer. The electronic resume is different from the traditional resume because it is easily scan. The electronic resume is design for computer as a reader but the traditional resume aim humans as readers. This is also named as scan able resume. In resume gives your education, experience, training and skills,

Create Same As Conventional Resume to write an electronic resume is as same as to write a resume on plane paper. The purposes of both are same but the different is that an electronic resume is scan able. An electronic resume looks beautiful, that can attract the attention of employer. It is first and best tool for getting a chance of interview, it must be perfect.

Contact Information

It is given in bold fond and in the first line of the left corner of the page. So it became easy to contact you. In this section you give name, address, email address and phone number. Do not give your home phone number for security reason and you not available for all the time. So give your cell number.

Update Your Electronic Resume

It is necessary to update your resume regularly. Add your current work or experience for example some short period course. Regularly chick the email and keep contact and respond to employer or be touch site and your field.

Keep the following points while writing your electronic resume.

  • Use label and keywords in the resume.
  • It must be neat and simple.
  • Use your name and contact information firstly.
  • Use a plain and standard font such as universe.
  • Use 10 to 12 point type sizes.
  • The length of your resume is limited to 60 characters.
  • Omit the unnecessary information from resume such as married or unmarried.
  • Heading must be in capital letters only.
  • Use the space.
  • Use white paper of A4 size.
  • Do not fold the paper of the resume.
  • Use easy and simple language to understand other.
  • Design for copy or scan.
  • Use dashes in the resume.
  • Use best quality printer.
  • Use one side of paper only.
  • The electronic may be carry 2-3 pages.
  • Use bold and beautiful fond.
  • It should not be decorative and fancy.
  • Less is good.

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